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Labrinthitus Monster is a sculpture which is activated by the performer. The monster is the embodiment of the inner ear disorder, in which the performer exits awkwardly through the mouth. Then going on to explain disconnected dialog based on an unknown persons time with the disorder. Ending with a group sing along with the artists appropriated version of Labrinth Ft Tinie Tempah Earthquake.


'Labrinthitus is an inner ear disorder. The two vestibular nerves in your inner ear send your brain information about your spatial navigation and balance control. When one of these nerves becomes inflamed, it creates a condition known aslabyrinthitis. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and loss of hearing.'

Dimensions Variable, Face paint, Bubble Wrap, Spray Paint, House Paint, Cardboard, Wood, Clay, Fabric, Papier-mâché.

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