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'Melt Down' was commissioned for Art Licks Magazine issue 24 'Interdependence' 2019. Word in Transit is an artist-led performance platform that takes place on a public train carriage. It relishes DIY, amateurish and low-tech performances that are created with ingenuity and creativity and gives artists a chance to perform outside of the classic performance or gallery space.


Started in 2017, it began out of an impatience in finding somewhere to perform which then gave birth to thoughts and ideas of alternative spaces to perform in. Somehow, this then resulted in the beginning of WIT, a public underground site specific context for artists to try out planned and new performance pieces.


Recent studies have found that some underground tube stations are more polluted than some London streets. These futuristic photo predictions, depict a character left behind when the Underground stations were abandoned due to pollution. Commuters began to evolve and adapt to their environment and eventually, mutate into monsters slowly becoming more infected and integrated in an underground society where they have to work together to survive. The words draw out different associations; allusions to the climate emergency, new technologies and impending fate. Combining both WIT and my work resulted in the following images.

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