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Mouse Trap


In our digital world of phones and television the board game is not given the same attention as is used to get. By exaggerating the demonic and lubricious children’s board game of mouse trap, the work attempts to bring to light its absurdity and touch on the slight sense of animal cruelty.

Using every day household objects such as a baby paddling pool, fitness trampoline and a yoga ball the work hints at the original context of a mouse being trapped.


In order for this durational performance to function it needs the help of participants. The participants drop the yoga ball through the hole, the ball bounces of the see-saw, the green man is launched from the trampoline into the baby’s paddling pool, thus causing the mouse cage to trap the    mouse. When the mouse is trapped in the cage it plays a sad tune by breathing into a harmonica that is placed inside the mouse’s mouth.


Dimensions Variable, Wood, Face Paint, Plastic, Blue Tarp, Plaster, Mettle, Yoga ball, Baby’s Paddling Pool, Duct Tape, Fitness Trampoline, Feathers, Ping pong balls, Foam, bubble wrap, Harmonica, Bamboo, Zip Ties.

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