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Roman Table tennis is a performance installation. A Roman Coliseum/steps was built and placed specifically where the table tennis tables are in the Crossing,

the entrance of Central Saint Martins.


This site-specific work is in collaboration with the local table tennis community. Roman performers perched on the steps dressed in Togas. During the performance they sung a Roman song. while they were singing the table tennis players entered in a Roman chariot, dressed head to toe in Roman gladiator costumes. Then they battled and exited in roman horse and chariot. The Artist was inside the horse pulling the players. As the singers sing a performer read out a mixture of Table tennis and Roman Phrases.


Entertainment which embraces social engagement, community and communication, specifically phrases. Bringing two completely separate community’s together, one past and now non-existent (except for in re-enactments) and one present and ongoing, to create an absurd Roman table tennis spectacle.

roman stairs.jpg
roman cart zoom.jpg
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