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Scrabble Stories is a durational performance piece where participants play scrabble but with a twist. As they play scrabble Stories, Nigel Richards will be using the words that they have created. As the game progresses Nigel Richards will create an improvised narrative/story using their words.


Nigel Richards will be type writing the narrative scanning it on to his computer, printing it out and signing especially for the scrabble participators. Nigel Richards is using scrabble (scrabble stories) as a narrative generator. ( He got so bored of being good at scrabble, and needed to find a different way to express himself - according to the Daily Mail) 


Scrabble Participators can have all the fun of playing scrabble while at the same time creating their own personal story together collectively.

Dimensions Variable, Fake Beard, Glasses, Fabric, Type Writer, Scrabble Board game, Scrabble Pillows, Acrylic Paint, Paper, Table, Plastic Sleeve.

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