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Tennis Catch Phrases involves an over exaggerated tennis player. The Tennis player is constantly hitting and keeping up a tennis ball with a tennis racket. While simultaneously and occasionally shouting out tennis catch phrases and slogans. A Ball boy and a ball girl constantly toss a tennis ball from their right hand to their left hand while assisting the tennis player. Dimensions Variable. Face Paint, Cardboard, Acrylic Paint, Sweat Bands, Fake Mustache, Tennis Balls, Tennis Racket, Hats, Googly Eyes, Permanent Marker, Vinyl sticker text.

Cooking Catch Phrases is a one to one durational Performance installation that includes video and sculptural elements. During the performance cooking phrases and slogans are voiced from an online article. Dimensions Variable. Cardboard, Fake Mustache, Tape, Apron, Acrylic Paint, Kale, Spaghetti, Record player, Tin Foil. Video: 8:00 

Business Catch Phrases consists of the performer reading out business catch phrases that were collated from articles online. The articles are usually titled, how to impress your boss, or do you want to get a raise at work, then these are the things you should be saying to your boss. 

 'This language is something that confuses and frustrates Campbell Mcconnell; he finds that the sincerity is wholly transparent and the specificity isolating.'- 

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